Braids are the Monalisa of hair, although it’s popularly known to look some particular way, there are actually various types. If you’re a hair stylist, then you probably know these types listed below, but if you’re not then read through to learn the various types. What they all have in common is that they perform the same purpose which is to protect your natural hair while aiding its growth hence why they are called protective styles.

Switch up your braids by adding hair accessories and trying different styles as there is no boring moment with these hairdos.


1. Marley Twists:  Marley twists are designed to give a thick dreadlock look, you could either rock them long or have them short.


2. Ghana braids: Popularly known as Ghana weaving, this simple style protrudes your facial features giving you a young look. They also are long-lasting and are quite easy to maintain as styling isn’t a problem.


3. Box Braids: Defined by its “boxy” or square-shaped hair parts, box braids are the way to go. Its versatility, the little maintenance it requires are some of the reasons why it’s the easy choice for women looking for stylish yet stress-free hair.


4. Senegalese Twist: Otherwise known as rope twists, this protective style is quite simple to do as it’s majorly twisting instead of plaiting and It’s not only easy to make but also easy to loosen.


5. Yarn braids: Yarn braids are basically braids made out of yarn. They are tightly done to keep it in place. You’re free to play with colors and hair accessories.


6. Crochet Braids: These braids are installed with a crochet needle and secured with a knot. Unlike other braid styles, this is basically installed onto your hair, further taking braids to an easier dimension.


7. Faux Dreadlocks:


To make this your natural hair is wrapped with yarn, synthetic or human hair. Like the name implies they are faux and made to look like you’ve been on the dreadlock journey for a long time.

Here’s an easy guide.


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