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Twitter users react as women share snaps of their hairy legs and armpits after student launched Januhairy to show that "women can be feminine, hygienic and have hairy bodies"

The new generation woman is expected to be hairless at all times and gets shamed by men whenever she has body hairs, whereas men boldly display unshaved armpits and pubic hair. But women around the world are now taking a stand.


21-year-old university student Laura Jackson began the JanuHAIRY movement to show the world that women naturally have hairy bodies and it doesn’t make a woman less feminine or unhygienic if she refuses to shave off all the hairs on her body.


Laura kicked off the campaign to get women to not shave their body hair for the month of January, and so far, the campaign is proving to be yet another social media trend as women all over the world have taken to various social media platforms to share photos of their hairy legs, hands, and armpits.

Laura Jackson wrote on Instagram:

When I first started growing my body hair my mum asked me ‘Is it you just being lazy or are you trying to prove a point?’ W

hy should we be called lazy if we don’t want to shave?

A Facebook page created for Januhairy adds a bit more detail on the campaign

It says:

Society seems to be behaving as if the natural hair we grow on our bodies is unattractive and distasteful. We are so used to removing our body hair that we are becoming unfamiliar with our authentic selves.


Laura is also using the campaign to raise money for a body-positive education program.

Social media users have reacted differently to Januhairy. While some, mostly the men, are opposed to it and say it’s disgusting and dirty, a lot of others pointed out the double standards and said that if hair on a man’s body isn’t considered dirty, then why should it be considered dirty on women’s bodies.

Women taking part in Jauhairy went on to point out that frequent shaving gives them stubbles, spots, razor burn, and strawberry legs and if they weren’t meant to have hairs on their bodies, they would have been born with bald from the chin down.

@jonnyUK88 tweeted criticizing the campaign:

I feel repulsedby the whole #januhairy thing. Obviously women can do as they please in todays world and rightly so. But hairy women is VERY unattractive and im sure 99% of men will agree.

As for @TheTerm99377000, he said no one, whether male or female, should have hairs growing in their armpits and private parts.

He tweeted:

I couldn’t care less about leg or arm hair but underarm her and public hair needs to be shaved that’s disgusting regardless of the gender. Why do women think this is liberating ill never know! BBC News – Januhairy: Why women are growing out their body hair

Supporting the campaign, @wumbernang98 tweeted:

How about men who are grossed out by #Januhairy try a month where they have their entire body [shaved] every three days?




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