The Real Cause Of Former Fiorentina Defender Astori Revealed (This Is Sad)


The cause of the death of a former Italy and Fiorentina defender, Davide Astori, has been made public.

Astori died at his team’s hotel in March, and Italian daily, Corriere Della Serra reported on Friday that he was most likely killed by an abnormal heart acceleration.

The 31-year-old, with no history of heart problems, was alone in his hotel room in Udinese on the eve of a match.

The newspaper reports that an autopsy conducted asserted that Astori would not have been asleep at the time of his death and might have been saved if he had a roommate.

The player’s death had at first been presumed to have been caused by a slowing of the heart, but Corriere Della Sera cited the autopsy as saying he died after a violent acceleration of the heartbeat.

Astori’s funeral was attended by vast crowds of fans and dozens of top professional players who came to pay respect to a widely popular man who captained his club and played 14 times for Italy.

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