Photos: Four Babymamas With The Same Babydaddy, Pose Together With Their Kids


It’s not often that you see women who share the same man get along, especially not if three of them were pregnant by the man at the same time. But four women have gone viral for managing that. The women, who have the same baby daddy, took a family photo together with all their kids and it went viral after it was shared on social media. A lot of social media users praised them for stepping up and not letting their baby daddy cause enmity between them. Others praised them for coming together to ensure their children can be at peace with each other. The kids in the beautiful photo look so alike, one wouldn’t need a soothsayer to know they are siblings. All the kids in the photo, except for the little girl, have the same father – Coro Ingram Sr.

In fact, three of the women, at some point, were pregnant at the same time. But they put everything aside, avoided drama, and came together for their kids. “I hope he’s taking care of them… cause that does matter, otherwise I commend these young women for putting their children first and looking over all the drama…I hope they continue to raise their kids together and lookout for each other,” one Facebook user commented under the photo shared by one of the baby mamas.

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