Old Woman All Smiles As Nigerian Police Helps Her With Fallen Goods (Photos)


A lecturer named Uchenna Onyeizu, lecturing in Micheal Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike wrote about the good work a particularset of Nigerian Policemen did to an older woman. According to the post the old woman was trying to tie her bunch of palm fruits to her bike when they palm fruits suddenly fell off and the passing policemen stopped their van and helped the old woman tie her palm fruits on her bike. See the post: Today, I saw the Nigeria Policemen from a very good point of view. This old woman was trying to tie her bunch of palm fruits to her bike when they suddenly fell off. These policemen were passing and stopped to give a helping hand. I was driving behind them and without their knowledge I smartly took these pictures!!! Really, we still have some men in uniform rendering unnoticed services to humanity. God bless you guys with promotions and good things of life!!! See pictures of the police men helping the old woman: As usual, there were comments to the post:

Jibrin Bolori had this to say about the post: Whatever Nigerian Police are, they are reflection of the Nigerian society. They didn’t come from the moon. It takes two to tango.

If we talk of bribe there is always a giver and a taker.

Their sacrifice outweighs the damage that they are doing. Had it been they are not doing their work we can’t all be chatting on this platform at our comfort zones. Ikechukwu Wisdom Ikechukwu had this to say: These men Shuld go and do their job , this is un-professional. Ubong Essien had this to say: May God bless them. These are the true friends in police command that have proven the saying “police is your friend.” My observation: These guys are youths who have the Nigerian nation at heart and can champion the redemption of Nigeria.

May evil never overtake them and lure them into the fold of greedy and wicked men in police uniform. Donalds Angelo Obi dropped a hilarious comment: Wen I saw d pix I tot they wanna ask for papers of d fruit. ..thank God is the oda way round. .cheers ndieke. Prince Ipob Diallo was hell bent that police is never your friend and they’re evil: Eh! Stop that joke my friend. They’re all evil and wicked, none of them are good. Saying there are good ones among the policemen is like saying there are good demons.

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