Is junk food delicious? Yes, very delicious. Is it healthy? Sadly, no. THaving junk food once a blue moon might be okay but are loads of benefits from abstaining from junk food. If you’re looking for credible excuses to lay off junk food then fret not, we gotchu.

1. YOUR SKIN STARTS TO GLOW: The key to a radiant skin does not lie in a tube of beauty cream but it lies in what you eat, ditching junk food helps you regulate your hormones and protects you from the harmful side effects of preservatives.

2. YOU GET BETTER SLEEP: Foods high in sugar and unhealthy fays not only make you gain weight but also disrupt your sleep, those foods obstruct your natural neurochemical processes and cause an erratic sleeping pattern that causes irritability and lethargy so you lack quality, peaceful sleep when you’re not eating junk.

3. FEWER DISEASES: Processed food comprises simple sugars that cause a spike in your blood sugar and these erratic spikes pose a threat to your health and predispose you to diabetes and other diseases.

4. YOUR THINKING GAME BECOMES FIRE: When you cut off processed food from your diet and include fresh whole foods, it nourishes you with nutrients that help you feel good, think better, concentrates more and increases your focus.

5. YOU SHART SHEDDING SOME POUNDS: Of course, only cutting on junk cannot magically make you fit into slim dresses and pants, but it plays a huge role in weight loss, when you eat less junk, you consume less saturated fat; saturated fats from unhealthy sources are known to cause a rise in bad cholesterol (LDL), raise cholesterol levels and increase obesity.

6. YOU START LOOKING LESS BLOATED: Cutting out the junk from your diet also majorly helps you to also cut out the salt, the excess salt intake from junks over the time not only affect the blood pressure but also dampen your taste buds; excess salt also causes water retention, bloating and kicks in lethargy so don’t be surprised if your face and body suddenly feel less bloated after you cut down junk

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