Money, money, money; It’s like a drug. You just want to get high on it, you look for it when you don’t have, you can do near anything to get it. Relationship; There are two sides to this coin. It could be a never ending story. It could be a drug you don’t want to get off. Irrespective of how you define these two subjects, both phenomenons have various things in common; Dedication, obsession, vices, and a lot more.

People constantly face the problem of managing money and relationships. Sometimes they learn somehow to create a balance in doing so. Most times they chose one over the other. Let me ask, why should there be a choice? Why is it so hard to manage a relationship while chasing an ambition to earn enough to live a ‘dream life?’

The truth is that sometimes, we feel our ambitions are worth more than certain relationships. “When I’m rich I can get anyone I need on my side.” People say money does not buy loyalty. What if these intellectuals lied to us. Right now, I live in a generation where money does a lot in defining relationships. Your importance to a person or group of people is increasingly characterized by the amount of money you have. Money easily defines influence. Wealth easily defines social importance. And so we discard relationships as easily as we do cigarette pack warnings, or ‘no parking’ signs. We fail sometimes to recognize the difference between earning something and buying something. Something earned was given of free will. It can’t be bought. Something bought on the other hand can be re-bought. There would always be a higher bidder, someone somewhere with more riches, more affluence.

I’m seriously not talking about toxic relationships. I’m referring to relationships that add value to your life, one way or another, irrespective of how little. People don’t necessarily have to give you money or resources for you to consider them important. Their intellectual or social contribution to your life is as important. You should be able to evaluate successfully the kinds of relationships that would move you from one point to achievement another. Rally round optimistic, loyal, goal driven and honest individuals. It may seem like a song but a tree does not make a forest.

Back to money making and relationships. A lot of people may choose money over a good relationship. The truth? Good relationships are hard to find. Yeah money may be hard to earn too, or should I say, money may take time to earn. There’s always something you can do to make money, but there isn’t anything that can buy you a good relationship. So keep them. Maintain them. Money isn’t worth more than a good relationship. In my opinion, there isn’t any amount of wealth you cannot attain if you surround yourself with the people who would accelerate your vehicle of ambition towards your success route.

In your journey to success, never leave out the good people. Good relationships I repeat are worth more than money. People are the greatest resource humans have. People can do and undo anything. People’s opinion go further than years of hard work. Someone putting in a positive word for you somewhere can take you further than you would care to imagine. People make up relationships. Never underestimate the importance of relationships. Sometimes, the key to unlocking a door wealth and its siblings can’t unlock is a good relationship. If you understand me, maintain worthy relationships. Don’t throw people away, they make up life.

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