We live in a country where we’re made to believe that having s3x in our dream is a spiritual thing which might make one go to hell. Obviously, that’s not true, Why? Because Science and research said so and in this era, I’d rather take my chances with science. Also, science says that all our s3x dreams have a deeper meaning, deeper meanings like…

1. SMOOCHING A CLOSE FRIEND: If you are kissing a close friend, then it represents your respect and adoration for your friend. It means that you want some kind of emotional or physical closeness with someone in your life, that you can’t find in your current relationship.

2. DOING IT IN THE PUBLIC: Getting it on in public symbolizes “some overt s3xual issue or need.” It can mean one of two things: Either you need to express what you want s3xually more openly instead of repressing it, OR you are questioning how you feel about political and social norms.

3. WANKING IN YOUR DREAM: To dream of masturbating means that you have repressed s3xual desires that you’re dying to act on. It can mean that you need to take better care of yourself emotionally, or that you need to put more work into your current relationship.

4. RECEIVING OR GIVING HEAD IN YOUR DREAM: To dream of either getting or giving oral s3x shows just how much you’re willing to give and receive joy in your waking life. If you were willing to give your partner oral, but didn’t want it back in return, it might symbolize that you’re okay with giving joy to others, but not open to receiving it yourself.

5. BEING A PART OF A THREESOME: To dream of being a part of a threesome means that there is something missing in your current s3x life. Pay close attention to the people who are involved in the threesome. If there are mostly women, then you’re lacking some kind of emotional component in your current relationship, and if it’s mostly male, then you’re missing a physical component.

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