Overweight is a rival of numerous people who neglect to control their diet and way of life. As a result, couch-potato lifestyle and abundance of unprocessed food in the daily nutrition can lead to extra pounds on hips, belly and other body parts vulnerable to fat accumulation.
Unfortunately, most people prefer to solve the existing problem of excessive weight rather than prevent it. Eventually, the desire for a slim body and healthy organism gets the upper hand and weight loss undertakings are implemented.

Diet Programs

The best way to achieve certain results is to follow a systematic approach. Weight management is not an exception. Hence, structured and scheduled activities aimed at reduction of overweight can bring the desired effect. Versatile diet plans and programs are offered to seekers of a slim body. People make their choice according to miscellaneous factors such as a diet efficiency, a content of allowed products etc. Thus, you may find programs based on branded supplements like Plexus Slim, 18 Shake, Optifast, and others. Another solution is an independent diet plan. As an example, Jenny Craig is a weight loss program to shed up to 2lbs a week. Yet, it is impossible to guarantee certain effect because of peculiar characteristics of everyone’s body.

The following solution aims to contradict this statement and provides a tremendous effect within 2 weeks. Let’s see what it offers.

Diet or Torture

As a rule, short-term diet programs foresee a significant reduction of daily calories. It means that all meals you consume within a day should not exceed a specified rate of kcal. A common practice is to limit this rate to 2,000 kcal. Our plan sets the bar even higher – 1,250 kcal a day. Naturally, not every person can endure such challenge. Still, it promises an incredible performance and visible results upon the expiry of the mentioned period. If you are bold enough to opt for this diet plan, be ready to follow strictly to its guidelines and prompts. The emphasis is made on what and when you eat.

Foods to Eat

Rich in nutrients but low in calories foods are your main friends for next 14 days. Your aim is to balance the ration by procuring victuals packed with lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Moreover, any type of food processing is unwelcome. It means that whole food is preferential than its processed version. As an example, an apple outmatches the juice squeezed of it.

Another key point is to consume colourful food. It’s not a joke. Brightly coloured pigments observed in most of veggies and fruits come from polyphenols. In simple words, colourful organic food is rich in antioxidants.

Time to Eat

The said reduction of kcal does not denote the reduction of eating occasions. Moreover, it is not advised. Your morning should begin with the full-fledged and balanced breakfast that is in charge of the entire daily rations. The perfect time to procure your body with nutrients is an hour after the wake-up. Some people prefer to skip this part of the daily ration. It is a huge mistake.

The largest share of daily calories falls on the lunch. During this time, your organism obtains calories in the amount necessary to stay active. Unlike most other diet programs, dinner is not the leader in terms of the kcal rate. On the contrary, it should be light and early. It is better to have your evening meal a couple of hours before the sleep. In addition, a small snack is recommended within an interval between the day and evening meal. This subtle eating assists to balance sugar level in the blood and cope with an increased hunger.

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