“If your boyfriend doesn’t have a beard then you’re a lesbian”, at least that’s what we bearded men like to say. We live in the lumbersexual era where having a beard is considered to be very sexy. If your man doesn’t have a beard then there’s a problem.
Below are 6 reasons why you should start dating a bearded man

1. For Fortitude and maturity: Beard signifies maturity, even if a guy is young with beards he will look more matured and resilient (whether he is matured mentally is another case). With a little grooming, beards can take ages off you and it can also add few years to your look.

2. They look amazing: Let’s be truthful ladies, guys with beards are hot they look dope in anything they wear.

3. He values grooming: The fact that he has taken the effort to grow his beard and style it in a particular way indicates he is patient and understands grooming, he personally spends a good amount of time at salons to trim and groom his beard so he will understand when you take hours to dress up before a party.

4. Kissing is amazing: If you haven’t kissed a guy with a beard, you’re missing the actual feeling, it may sound uncomfortable in the beginning but once you have experienced it, kissing anyone without a beard feels like kissing a baby, the needling effect of a groomed beard on your neck or face feels just too s3xy.

5. The Masculinity: A guy with beards is considered prestigious and macho, girls also look at them with envy. Guys with beards love grooming products so it will be easy for you to give them gifts.

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