10 Good Changes When You Eat Less Sugar

Yes, sugar is delicious and tempting and even comforting but eating too much can lead to all kinds of problems.

Women eat up to 30 teaspoons of sugar per day, while men eat up to 45 teaspoons! Of course, they’re probably not sitting down eating spoon after spoon of white sugar. It’s in that cake you eat as a dessert, in the bottle of Coke, you take every day to re-energize and even in that fruit you are using to form fitfam.

I know a lot of you guys indulge in sweet things like me and in today’s society, hidden sugar is lurking everywhere. This is really heartbreaking because sugar and I are besties.

Let’s look at the benefits of reducing your sugar intake.

  • First, of, you reduce your chances of getting diabetics.

  • It improves your mood.


  • It slows down the aging process.

  • Your sleep quality will increase and you’ll get to sleep like a baby.


  • You are less likely to experience anxiety, irritability and mood swings.

  • You get to finally lose the extra pounds.

  • You will notice that your memory improves after you rid sugar from your diet. 

  • It reduces the risk of your tooth decay.

  • When you quit sugar, you will start to see effects in 72 to 96 hours. Your complexion color will be improved, your oily skin will begin to diminish and your face will be more hydrated and perky, with fewer wrinkles than before.


  • And finally, when you give up soda and other sweetened drinks, you might not need that expensive concealer because you my darling, will be glowing.


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